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To put is simply, the Ball Python is perhaps the most popular pet in the world. Don’t think as this species as anything other than being shy, small, and ideal for captivity. The Ball Python is remarkably small in size and come in a wide array of patters and colors.

Ball Pythons originate from the edges of the forest lands of Central and Western Africa where they thrive in these warm, topical conditions. They are comfortable both on the ground and in trees. They are crepuscular, active around dawn and dusk. Called royal pythons in Europe, here in the United States we call them "balls" due to their habit of curling themselves up into a tight ball when they are nervous, their heads pulled firmly into the center. Like most pythons, ball pythons are curious and gentle snakes.

Ball pythons make for an excellent quality pet for the first-time keeper and experienced herpetoculturists alike. Each year, breeders create incredible, innovative, never-before-seen pattern and color variations that continually generate new fans of the ball python.

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We take raising Ball Python snakes seriously and have extensively researched the best methods for breeding, raising and caring for our Ball Pythons. Petware House Ranch has a large, utilizes the latest in technology to assist in the breeding process. We truly believe that our Ball Pythons are the best quality in Fort Wanye. You can trust Petware House with our precious and extensively growing ball python collection.

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You obviously want to choose the right ball python for you. We recommend you choose an animal that has clear firm skin, rounded body shape, clean vent, clear eyes and who flicks its tongue around when handled. All ball pythons shy about having the heads touched or handled by strangers, a normal reaction is for the python to pull its head and neck sharply away from such contact. When held, the python should gently group when moving around. It should also be alert to its surroundings. All young snakes are essentially food for larger snakes, lizards and birds. As a result, your hatchling will be a bit nervous, but it should settle down rather quickly.

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Special lighting, besides heating lamps, are not necessarily required for your pet Gecko. Ball Pythons, are b nature, nocturnal species, spending most of their days in the wild securely hidden away from predators. If you should decide to install lighting, a full spectrum light or low wattage incandescent bulb in the enclosure is the way to go. Ensure your snake can’t make direct contact with the light builds as this specimen is prone to getting badly burned. Don’t forget the hide box and expect them to use it regularly.

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Did you know that the Ball Python as a flat head? It has a square, boxy snout and heavy jaw muscles that make the sides of its head, behind the eyes, bulge forward. The Ball Python also has anywhere from one-hundred to one hundred-fifty sharp teeth which is used to hold prey. Its neck is rather narrow when compared to its head, but its stout trunk region have a diameter of more than twice the width of its head. Its short tail tapers to a blunt end. It may be three to six feet in length and most females are typically larger.

Ball pythons have an attractive alternating black and pale strips along their face; these stripes partly mask the dark eyes. Their coloring includes large and asymmetrically lobed spots of medium brown, outlined in off-white, then in black. These sport mark the dark brown back or solid stripes along the spine. Younger animals are often yellow or golden, and typically darken as they age.

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Its common for a snake owner to purchase a second and sometimes even a third snake, however, if you already have a pet snake at home, its highly recommended that any new additions be quarantined for a period of three to six months due to the risk of inclusion body disease. In addition, a vet check is in order for and internal stool sample and external parasites.

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As a Ball Python owner, you may find, that at times, they will refuse to eat but many believe that this is a much larger problem with a wild caught Ball Python. Also, wild caught snakes tend to very stressed from capture and transport and often parasites. The downside to captive bred snakes is that they also tend to be somewhat more expensive but they are readily available.

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Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Named after their natural defensive behavior, Ball Pythons tend to curl up into a ball with their head toward the center of the ball when threatened.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Ball Pythons are very social creatures. They can be easily handled and are quiet docile, with proper socialization.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Ball Pythons, were also called “Royal Pythons” as ancient royalty wore them as jewelry.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Ball Pythons are all unique creatures and no two are alike. They all have their own beautiful and unique skin patterns.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Ball Pythons are much smaller than other species of Python. Growing and average length of only three to five feet.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Ball Pythons live a very long time. The average Ball Python will live twenty to thirty years and the longest living Ball Python on record lived forty-five years, in captivity.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Ball pythons generally lay clutches of two to 10 eggs at a time with an average clutch size of six eggs.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151During incubation, the mother will coil around her eggs until they ready to hatch. The incubation process can last anywhere from eighty to one-hundred-five days.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Baby ball pythons are called hatchlings.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151A healthy baby python generally range anywhere from fourteen to seventeen inches in length.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151Baby hatchlings have very bright colors and patterns that tend to slightly fade as they age.

Petware House in Fort Wayne - (260) 481-5151There are now dozens of different varieties of ball pythons available including pastel, spider, pinstripe and more.

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Once you get home with your new pet, allow it to become accustom to its new environment for a couple of weeks. To begin, start your baby Gecko with a single, pre-killed one week to ten day old mouse. Smaller babies will require a smaller mouse. Older Ball Pythons may be fed larger pre-killed mice or even pinkie rats. At times, you may have to force feed your snake which will be a very stressful situation for your lizard. Take a few moments and watch someone else perform this exercise and learn from the experience. If your Gecko has gone lengthy periods without eating, and weight loss is apparent, to it to a vet or contact someone who has more knowledge about ball pythons and feeding problems.

Ball Python Care Sheet

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As with any pet, routine veterinary care for newly acquired snakes is always essential. Many parasites infesting the ball python and other reptiles may also be transmitted to humans and other reptiles. Infestations can of course harm and even kill your snake. Collect a small sample when the snake first defecates and place it into a clear plastic bag and seal it. Mark it with the date, your phone number, name and the snakes name and have a vet experienced with reptiles examine the sample. There will be tests conducted and if needed proper medication given if the worms or protozoan infections are found

Found commonly in captive ball pythons are retained eye shed, also referred to spectacles and mites. When a ball pithing sheds, or any snake for that matter, the layer of skin over their eye is also she, and can be clearly seen when examining a piece of head shed. Be consistent when checking your balls head shed to assure it has shed the spectacles. If one or both spectacles have been retained, bath your snake in warm water for about five to ten minutes. Before returning it to the enclosure, please a dad of mineral oil on that eye with a cotton-tipped swab. The spectacle should come off with in a day. If this doesn’t work, then you may want to seek the services of a veteran.

Mites are commonly related to poor environment conditions. Adult mites are tiny reddish brown dots which can be difficult to find. You may notice one or more crawling up your hand and arm shortly after handling your snake, and while not dangerous to humans, the will often cluster around your snakes eyes and body. Mites are harmful to snakes, particularly those that have not been kept properly. Fortunately, they are easy and inexpensive to get rid of, but can be a time consuming process.

A common, health snake shed is in the form of one piece of skin from snout to tail-tip. If a snake does not shed cleanly, its typically a sign that something is not right. Either with your snake or its environment. A new snake, may not shed properly for the first month or two as they are likely still getting accustom to their new surroundings. This is commonly known as a sign of transient stress. If this continues, or becomes an issue with an older snake, then the specie must be evaluated for possible health problems and the animals environment needs to be evaluated for humidity issues.

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