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Hedgehogs are easily recognized by their spines, which are hollow hairs made stiff with keratin. Their spines are not poisonous or barbed. Hedgehogs make a unique pet, and they are easy to care for.

Average Size

The average size 6-9inches.

Life Span

Up to 7 years.


Fresh food and water should always be available. Use clean, fresh, de-chlorinated water changed daily. Dry Hedgehog food is the most complete diet and is readily available. Low fat cat food can be used as treats. Canned dog/cat food is also a good source of protein and another treat that hedgehogs love. Fruits and vegetables can also be added to your pet’s diet. Beans, peas, corn, apples, grapes, and carrots are some of the foods you can feed your hedgehog in small amounts. Other treats appreciated by many hedgehogs include mealworms and crickets (freeze dried or alive), moist dog or cat treats and cooked hamburger, chicken or eggs. Treats should not exceed 10% of their total food intake.

Do not feed chocolate, alcohol or caffeine because they are dangerous. Many house plants are toxic and you should not allow your pet to eat grass treated with any pesticides or fertilizers.


Hedgehog acclimate well to average household temperatures, but be cautious of extreme temperature changes. Their habitat should never be in direct sunlight or in a drafty area. The habitat should be a pretty decent size and escape proof. Hedgehogs enjoy to run around at night and appreciate solid surfaces to do so. It is best to provide the largest habitat possible. They enjoy tunnels and hide outs. An exercise wheel is great too! Be cautious of high levels or play areas because hedgehogs cannot judge height well and may fall. Use baby gates or an indoor play yard during play time.

1-2 inches of bedding should be placed in the habitat. Recycled paper products tend to be the best option for hedgehogs because they can be sensitive to the oils in some shavings. Cedar-based bedding should always be avoided because the oils may cause harm.

Different types of small animals should not be housed together.

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Remove wet spots daily and change bedding weekly or as needed. Clean the habitat and all of its contents once a week by scrubbing it with a pet approved cleaner, rinse and allow to completely dry to minimize fumes before placing animal back into the habitat.


Stable room temperature is adequate. No special requirements are needed unless the temperature in the room begin to drop due to winter temperatures or air conditioning. Heat lamps, similar to those used for reptiles, can be used to raise the temperature in the cage.


No special requirements


Use room lighting as needed. Hedgehogs are nocturnal by nature. Some domesticated hedgehogs will be active during the day if they are consistently handled during daylight hours.

Water & Accessories

Hedgehogs should be given a sipper bottle hung from the side of the cage. They also need small toys to play with. Keep a food bowl and chew sticks as well as hideouts and an exercise wheel.


Females should be bred between 5 and 12months.

Gestation is 35-58 days.

Hedgehogs may have anywhere from 3-6 in a litter. The male hedgehog should be removed from cage when babies are born because it is not uncommon for them to kill their babies.

Weaning age is around 8 weeks.

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