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Welcome to the Petware House, Pet Care Index Directory. If your looking for simple, easy to understand care instructions for your pet, don’t hesitate to use our website or the following, PDF guides to help ease you into proper care for your pet. Organized, alphabetically, simply locate the required information sheet, by animal and choose to download it. You will require a PDF viewer such as Foxit or Adobe Reader to view these documents.

Petware House

Anole: Download PDF
Arid Gecko: Download PDF
Ball Python: Download PDF
Bearded Dragon: Download PDF
Budgie: Download PDF
Burmese Python: Download PDF
Chinchilla: Download PDF
Chinese Water Dragon: Download PDF
Cockatiel: Download PDF
Corn Snake: Download PDF
Petware House

East African Sand Boa: Download PDF
Emerald Swift: Download PDF
Emperor Scorpion: Download PDF
Ferret: Download PDF
Fire Belly Toad: Download PDF
Gecko: Download PDF
Gerbil: Download PDF
Guinea Pig: Download PDF
Hamster: Download PDF
Hedgehog: Download PDF
Hermit Crab: Download PDF
Petware House

Kenyan Sand Boa: Download PDF
Love Birds: Download PDF
Leopard Gecko: Download PDF
Petware House

Millipede: Download PDF
Mouse: Download PDF
Newt: Download PDF
Pac Man Frog: Download PDF
Parakeet: Download PDF

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Petware House

Petware House

Rabbit Care: Download PDF
Rat: Download PDF
Rat Snake: Download PDF
Red Knee Tarantula: Download PDF
Red Tailed Boa: Download PDF
Rose Haired Tarantula: Download PDF
Skink: Download PDF
Siberian Dwarf Hamster: Download PDF
Society Finch: Download PDF
Spice Finch: Download PDF
Sugar Glider: Download PDF
Tarantula: Download PDF
Tibetan Gecko: Download PDF
Terrestrial Frog: Download PDF
Tree Frog: Download PDF
Petware House

Mali Uromastyx: Download PDF

Petware House

Yellow Canary: Download PDF
Petware House

Common Dog Parasites: Download PDF
Crate Training: Download PDF
Dog Health Care: Download PDF
Frozen/Thawed Food: Download PDF
Iguana Diet Guide: Download PDF
Flea Products: Download PDF
Planted Aquarium: Download PDF
Protien Skimmers: Download PDF
Pure Vs. Mixed Pup's: Download PDF
Puppy Potty Training: Download PDF
Petware House

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All animals regardless of type, need and deserve our respect and will rely on our care. In the same fashion, the respect and care for your family, friends and your parents we need to do the same for our pets. Treating your pet with gentleness and kindness is the perfect way to show you that you care for it.

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Petware House

Petware House is conveniently located at 7477 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is just moments north of West Cook Road and a few minutes drive from the I-69. While heading north on Lima Road, you will find us on the left hand side of Lima Road, next to DAVCO Auto. We have ample parking for our visitors, parking for seniors, handicap and expectant mom’s. Additional accessibility is available for handicap and for the delivery of large items into and out of our store location. Come into our new showroom for the largest selection of healthy pets, pet food, pet accessories and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect pet and solutions that work best for you.

Our store is conveniently open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM through to 8PM and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5 PM. If you have any questions regarding our store location, business hours or for general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.