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Petware House

Petware House

The Hamster has been part of North American culture for over seventy five years. They are native to Syria and were primarily for research. During the late forties, a highway engineer by the name of Albert Marsh, introduced them as pets. The Hamster have a chunky body, short tail, thick fur and cheek pouches. The also have a tendency to hoard items and are secretive in the burrowing activities. Being nocturnal creatures, they usually sleep during the day and explore by night.

Hamsters have no known or detectable body odor which makes them great indoor pets. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and outside of regular maintenance such as cage cleaning and proper food are pretty much maintenance free. You will also be pleased to know that these rodents are subject to very little health problems and disease. They love to sleep during the day and are most active during the evening and night time when pet owners are at home. Hamsters to make for a great addition to a family and are an excellent pet choice.

This is a solitary creature and often do better living alone than in packs. For companionship we suggest paring them up, but it’s not necessary. Hamsters are also prolific breeders so unless your looking for a quickly multiplying, army of hamsters, its suggest to pair them in male/male or female/female living arrangements. A common practice is to keep separate enclosures for females and males until you are ready to breed them, otherwise, they will multiply very quickly.

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Petware House

Typically when choosing between hamster breeds, you may need to decide what type of hamster your are looking for as several exist. Each of course has it’s pro’s and con’s and the decision may very well be one based primarily on your environment and level of care required.

Once you’ve come to your conclusion, you will then need to head down to our store. We have lot of parking here for you and a great environment for the whole family. Upon initial entry to our store you will make your way over to our hamsters and decide that you want to take them all home as they are so cute! But we prefer to look at points of quality, over quantity. Have a good look and decide which hamster you want based on the brightest and most alert looking creature in the place.

Let our shop assistance be of help when choosing the right hamster. They will allow you to hold some of them but we try not to disturb any of our nocturnal friends during the day. While holding your soon-to-be-pet, have a look there eyes, mouth and tail before making a decision as these areas are key to helping you determine a health hamster. The eyes should be clear, with no discharge, the mouth should be clean, with no signs of infection and the tail and back should be clean and dry with no signs of diarrhoea.

Petware House

Choosing Petware House has it’s advantages. Not only are we the local experts but we have a wide-array of items you will need for your pet such as hamster food, toys for hamsters and so much more. It’s so much more convenient when you can get both your pet and everything you need for your hamster from one trusted source.

While you’re here at Petware House , you can also pick up all the necessary supplies such as good and bedding. Getting it all at one spot will also help your pet hamster with a smooth transition into his or her new home. Let our shop staff get you through each step of the process with minimal fuss.

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Petware House

Hamsters make excellent beginner pets, are easy to care for, very clean and have docile temperaments. You must handle your Hamster. They are pleasurable to watch over as they exercise on their wheel, go about storing and hording food in addition to keeping house. Many even show acknowledgement from their owner and eagerly await treats when approached.

A hamster that is treated respectfully and handled carefully from a very young age will remain a docile creature and will never bite. Those with a docile temperament and a history of not biting can be simply picked up by using your hands then cradled near your body. Ensure you choose a hamster a good temperament and don’t just grab or startle the hamster as it may bite.

Your hamster will become more docile over time as you gently handle and cradle them in the pam of your hands. The more it’s handled the more tamer it will become. If your handle them incorrectly they may develop untrustworthy habits and personalities and begin to bite because they have been handled roughly or suddenly disturbed or awakened.

Hamster temperaments will vary from breed to breed, depending on where you get your pet from. Here at Petware House we ensure any pet bred in our care receive the best care possible. If your pet is from one our local breeders, you can rest assured that each are picked only as a result of the highest care standards possible.

Keep in mind that some hamsters cannot be kept together after the age of eight to ten weeks of age as they fight, resulting in injury or death. Especially two adult female hamsters. Expecting females are typically larger than their male counterparts and tend to be more aggressive towards them as well.

Petware House

Your pet hamster will require daily exercise in order to maintain good health. We highly recommend an exercise wheel and your pet will take care of its own exercise. Another great suggestion is the use of an hamster ball, which you can put on your floor and the hamster will run around the house inside the ball. Providing long habitrials will provide your pet with plenty of room to roam around. Hamsters will also enjoy cans opened at both ends (ensure there are no sharp edges) and boxes with multiple openings through which they can crawl.

Petware House

Hamsters require a healthy diet in order to stay active and happy. You will find a variety of great food for your hamster right here at Petware House and some fresh fruits at your local grocer. Lab blocks, sometimes called rodent diet or rodent chow, fruits, cheerio’s and bread can be given to your pet. Introduce fruits as a slower pace to avoid diarrhea. Clean fresh water should be provided using a hanging bottle. Bowls and dishes should not be used for water as he or she will stop on it and get your cage all wet. Hamsters will carry food and bedding in their expandable cheek pouches back to their borrow. They will hide a pile of food under the bedding and eat it later at their own leisure.

Hamster Care Sheet

Petware House

Your pet Hamster will require very few trips to the vet. On the other than Teddy Bear hamsters and other genetic varities may be more susceptible to disease and sensitive to antibiotics and other drugs than the shorthaird Golden Hamster. If you hamster is under stress, they can get diarrhea which is called “wet bottom”. We bottom looks similar to pee, shortly after they contract this, they will usually die.

Petware House

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Petware House

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Petware House

Petware House | Pet Care Information

All animals regardless of type, need and deserve our respect and will rely on our care. In the same fashion, the respect and care for your family, friends and your parents we need to do the same for our pets. Treating your pet with gentleness and kindness is the perfect way to show you that you care for it.

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Petware House

Petware House is conveniently located at 7477 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is just moments north of West Cook Road and a few minutes drive from the I-69. While heading north on Lima Road, you will find us on the left hand side of Lima Road, next to DAVCO Auto. We have ample parking for our visitors, parking for seniors, handicap and expectant mom’s. Additional accessibility is available for handicap and for the delivery of large items into and out of our store location. Come into our new showroom for the largest selection of healthy pets, pet food, pet accessories and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect pet and solutions that work best for you.

Our store is conveniently open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM through to 8PM and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5 PM. If you have any questions regarding our store location, business hours or for general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

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