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Fun, lively, smart and small, best describes the Budgie, a parrot specie which is loved in the North America by millions of people. Here at Petware House, we have many budgies to choose from, a wide array of budgie toys and that perfect bird cage for your new pet.

Budgies small size are ideal for many, and most age groups. Whether you are thinking about accommodation, diet taming or handling, the require less space and less food.

Budgies come in a very large range of colors and varieties, and can be trained to talk and do not have complicated needs. In addition budgies are one the easier bird types to breed. As with any other pet they do require a balanced diet, be well cared for a need to be respected.

Petware House is here to help get the right information so you can give your budgie or other pets a long and happy life while enjoying a wonder pet, or venturing in the breeding the many varieties which can be a source of never-ending pleasure.

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Petware House

When it comes to the Society Finch, no two Finches, look alike, but there remains three basic colors which are common through the Society Finch species. They are: yellow molted, brown molted, and white. Within these colors are a variation in the shade, distribution and intensity of these colors which vary greatly. While males and females look very similar, only the males sing which becomes prominent during breeding season.

It’s been a while now. You’ve given it some though, and have decided that the budgie will be your next pet. Well, Petware House is the perfect place to get started. We can tell you lots about the budgie, but it’s important to consider the birds origin which well tell you a lot about the food they eat, the types of habitat they suit, and their behaviour in general. So the question remains: where do they come from and what type of care is required for this species?

Budgies are essentially parakeets that originated in Australia. This particular parcel of land is inducive for this and many other species which live in the desert or rain forests to the alpines. Budgies primarily live in the grassland areas. They are nomadic and frequently move from new areas in search of water and food. As a result, they are found in many areas of Australia such as the costal regions, island dessert and much more.

Budgies in the wild live in flocks which vary from very large, noisy flocks, to just a few birds. When food is plentiful, these small birds will breed continuously, quite often producing three clutches of up to seven or eight chicks, although four is the average. Some harsher environments of Australia can go many years without rain and reach high temperatures, bunting up food or water. When this is the case, budgies will often go extinct in those regions.

Petware House

Budgies also have a range of access to trees that provide them with buds, leaves, fruit and bark. Bark is primarily used to chew on. Budgies also eat charcoal from burnt tress as it is believed to help them in times of illness.

As far as drinking goes, budgies access water wherever they can find it from natural sources such as ponds and puddles, to man made sources such as cattle troughs. In times of extreme heat large flocks of budgies descend on water sources, sometimes piling upon each other to get to the water. This results in many drowning and the water supply being fouled.

Budgies love water and typically find it abundance from natural sources such as ponds to man made sources. In extreme heat it’s not uncommon to find entire flocks of budgies descending on large water sources, piling up on each other in an effort to get to the water.

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Petware House

You’ve taken some time to think about it and you’ve decided that you want a bird as a pet? Good choice! Here at Petware House, we have many birds to choose from. Before making a final decision its best to visit our showroom to see how all the birds interact and behave.

Take your time to think about which bird is right for you, are you thinking of a Society Finch, budgie or cockatoos? Don’t hesitate to research your bird of choice, here on website and learn more about our birds. Once you have considered it, there are questions to ask that will lead you to making th right decision. Of course, we are always here to be of assistance, so don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our show room.

Once you have understood all the particulars for the chosen bird – which can vary greatly between species, you will need to consider how serious a commitment they may be. For example, some species of Parrots live longer than humans. If you do choose to purchase a pet that can outlive a human, then you have to think about and make arrangements after you pass away. Also, some birds can become attached to humans which means that any changes can be very stressful for them, where as other species have shorter life-spans and are less likely to have to deal with this.

As with any pet, there is always a cost associated with ownership. The cost of vet bills, food and accessories can all add up. Obviously, the costs will vary between pets, but there will always be a cost involved. If this is a factor, you can always consider having a bird pet which falls comfortably into your budget.

With some birds, comes the potential for noise. You will have to take this into consideration if you live in an apartment or condominium. Ask property managements if there are any noise restrictions as birds can be quite noisy at times and finding out just how loud the are can help you narrow down your options.

Some birds require a high-level of maintenance and a lot of time spent with them, such as parrots. As a result, think about how much time you will have available. Some breeds require increased levels of interaction whilst some will be quite happy in a group with the right food, water and bedding.

To help you determine the best bird pet for you, ask yourself, how much interaction do you want? Do you just want to watch them or listen to them, if so, then this can determine the kind of bird for you, such as a canary. Of course, Parrots can learn to talk so there are different levels of interaction from both yourself and your pet bird.

There is no question that birds make for an amazing pet, but you have to take the welfare into consideration as well as the implications it will have on you as an individual or as a family because once you bring them into your home, they become a family member.

Petware House

Petware House

Budgies in the wild are nomadic and require extended periods of flying in search of food and water. They are extremely active little parrots with a lot of energy to burn. As a result, you should try to supply your budgie with as much cage or aviary space as you can afford.

Petware House

Budgies are very curious, agile and extremely playful. You can keep them well entertained, for hours on end with a few well-chosen toys. Keep in mind that any toys introduced into their environment must be safe. Any items where you budgie may risk catching a toenail, foot or beak needs to be avoided.

Budgies will, with a high degree of certainty, try to chew on anything you give them. Again, avoid any items in their environment where the item in question may be coated with potentially poisonous substances.

Petware House

Petware House highly suggests keeping budges in at least one pair. They have a need for social activity and typically live in flocks. This means that unless your available most of the time and are able to give your budgie regular time out of its cage, both you and your pet would be better off with another budgie.

A domesticated budgie is delightful to have out of their cage with you. They will climb all over the place, chew a page out a newspaper and even attack the tip of your pen. They make it somewhat difficult to ignore them. So if you have only a single budgie, make it a tame one in order to avoid having it locked up in a cage without friends. Budgies always come best in pairs and are a lot of fun both in and outside their cage where they can pester you and run about in a room, yet keep each other company when they have to go back home.

Petware House

Budgies are extremely intelligent, and with that comes a high sense of exploration. As a result, it pays to be aware of hazards to your curious little pets. If your budgie finds an empty toilet, it will likely fall into it. If it finds a salad bowl, it will land in at and a previously unnoticed window, it will fly into it.

There are many ways for a budgie to get into trouble and some of these can even be avoided. Please supervise your budgie when it’s out of it’s cage and double check anything you place in it’s cage.

Remember, as far as budgie care goes, safety should come first.

Petware House

Quite often just having a look at your budgie is enough to tell you if bird is in good health and spirit. If it’s looking different than usual, it’s a good sign that not all is well. Budgies are accustom to trying to look well as a means of survival in the wild where predators often single out sick animals.

Please keep in mind that Petware House here is to help. We carry health products in our store for sick animals so don't hesitate to reach out to us. Here is a list of a few items that you should look for, to help you determine if your bird needs medical help.

• Looking hunched, with feathers puffed up (not to be confused with a sleeping budgie which will usually have its beak under its wing),

• Diarrhoea, a messy backside, or funny colored droppings (this can be caused by a new food),

• A discharge from its nostrils, eyes or beak (not to be confused with regurgitating food, which is part of the breeding process),

• Sitting on the bottom of the cage looking unhappy

• The basic first aid for a sick budgie is put it somewhere warm and dark so it can rest quietly until you can get it to a vet.

Budgie Pet Care Sheet

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All animals regardless of type, need and deserve our respect and will rely on our care. In the same fashion, the respect and care for your family, friends and your parents we need to do the same for our pets. Treating your pet with gentleness and kindness is the perfect way to show you that you care for it.

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Petware House is conveniently located at 7477 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is just moments north of West Cook Road and a few minutes drive from the I-69. While heading north on Lima Road, you will find us on the left hand side of Lima Road, next to DAVCO Auto. We have ample parking for our visitors, parking for seniors, handicap and expectant mom’s. Additional accessibility is available for handicap and for the delivery of large items into and out of our store location. Come into our new showroom for the largest selection of healthy pets, pet food, pet accessories and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect pet and solutions that work best for you.

Our store is conveniently open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM through to 8PM and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5 PM. If you have any questions regarding our store location, business hours or for general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

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Great news! We have a pet care sheet available for this pet. You will require a Portable Document Format plug-in for your web browser or a compatible reader, to view this document.

Arid Gecko Pet Care Sheet
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