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Scorpions consist of both forest and desert species. The emperor scorpion is a forest variety. Be sure that you are familiar with your scorpion’s natural habitat. A scorpion’s sting can vary from mild to severe, depending upon species.

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Scorpions consist of both forest and desert species. The emperor scorpion is a forest variety. Be sure that you are familiar with your scorpion’s natural habitat. A scorpion’s sting can vary from mild to severe, depending upon species.

Scorpios are fairly small in comparison with their marine arthropod relatives such as the lobster or crabs. Fossilized scorpion parts suggest that existing species may have measured up the a few feet. Modern scorpions come in a number of sizes, their overall sizes determined by the size of their pincers, tails and bodies.

The emperor scorpion has the largest pincers of all scorpions, both relative to body size and literally. The emperor scorpion’s pincers are relatively similar to those of the lobster. They are thick and curved, naturally sitting in a curled position, capable of increasing the entire length of the scorpion by up to four centimeters when fully extended. Just live most scorpions with large pincers, the emperor has relatively mild venom, comparable to that of a wasp sting. Although not a hard and fast rule, one can typically assume that potency of venom varies inversely with pincer size.

The average size of the scorpion, as is with most scorpions, is about six centers in length. Variations occur and certain species have evolved to be larger or smaller, according to their environments, their prey and their predators.

The longest of the scorpions is the South African rock scorpion. This beast can measure up to twenty-one centimeters long, although the South African rock scorpion is not the heaviest scorpion. That honor belong to two hefty verities of emperor scorpions (Pandinus imperator). The central African and Asian varieties of this scorpion can grow up to seventeen centimeters long, but they have stocky bodies, too, meaning their overall size is greater than that of the South African rock scorpion.

The smallest scorpions belong to taxonomic family Buthidae. This family of scorpions includes a number of highly venomous specimens, including the death stalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus), which can reach 11 centimeters in length. The smallest scorpion in the world is Microtityus waeringi, which measures just twelve millimeters when fully grown. The smallest scorpion species found in the United States is the Vaejovis waueri, which measures up to twenty millimeters fully grown. This scorpion is typically found in western Texas, living under rocks.

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Scorpions differ from other arachnids. In most cases, they are slow to develop and take one to six years for scorpion to mature. Typically they may live from three to five years, but some can live up to fifteen years.

The female scorpion will retain her eggs, inside her body where they develop. When they leave the female’s body, they will climb up onto her back. They are carried on the mother’s back and will remain there until their first molt. These nymphs will gain independence once they leave their mother’s back. After the first molt, the nymphs climb down and scatter. They will mold another six times until they reach maturity.

Scorpions are naturally nocturnal creatures. They typically hunt during the night and use their venom to paralyze or kill their prey.

By day, scorpions love to hide in debris or burros, under stones and wood, tree bark, under floors of buildings and in crawl spaces. They also take up occupancy and dwell inside homes, behind baseboards, in cracks and crevices, and inside walls. Entry points into a home include poorly sealed windows and doors.

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Feeding scorpions in captivity is relatively straight forward and simple. A healthy scorpion will eat just about anything small enough for it to get a hold of.

An ideal source of food for scorpions are gut loaded crickets and mealworms. The y are readily available here at Petware House and are relatively inexpensive. Gut loading is the process of keeping the insects well fed to they pass along nutrients to your scorpion.

Feeding your pet will be required every few days to a week. If you have a communal tank, make sure you provide enough prey for all of your pets to eat If everyone is happy and well fed the changes fighting and eventual cannibalism is greatly reduced.

Generally speaking a good sign of a healthy scorpion is one that isn’t too skinny nor too fat. You should carefully monitor your pet’s diet to ensure it’s taking in the right amount of food for it’s age and size.

At times you may notice that your pet scorpion will go for quite some time without eating. Don’t be alarmed by this. Healthy adult scorpions have been known to take long fasts lasting a number months.

A shallow, sturdy water dish should be provided. If you have a communal colony it is a good idea to provide more than one water dish. The dish should be no more than half an inch deep. Fresh water should be provided daily and the bowl cleaned regularly.

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Scorpions are very adapt at squeezing through small opening and have just the right agility to climb over objects and strong enough to lift tops. So be sure get the right tank and a secure lock down top to be safe.

Petware House highly suggest an aquarium fish tank with a locking screen top. This will help prevent other pets from attempting to get to your scorpion and possibly injure it. Scorpions are very good and adapt climbers so when you open your tank’s lid, make sure you are aware of your pet’s location.

The size of your tank should be considered according to the number of scorpions you wish to keep. For example, a ten gallon tank is the ideal size for one or two scorpions. If you have plans for a communal habitat with multiple scorpions, a fifteen to twenty gallon tank is what you will require. Even though Scorpions can have multiple partners, be aware that cannibalism is always a concern.

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Petware House highly recommends a temperature gradient for your pet which can be created by placing a tank heat pad under the tank. The optimum temperature for dessert and tropical scorpions is between seventy-five and ninety degrees Fahrenheit.

Scorpions are nocturnal species and do not require special lighting, but under a black light, scorpions will appear fluorescent. Although, ultraviolet light from a black light may be harmful to scorpions and is not recommended.


Maintain humidity by misting or with a glass top over part of the screen lid.

Both male and female Black Emperor Scorpions take about three years to reach maturity, and will breed in another one to three years after maturity. After a successful mating there will be behavioral changes in the female after a short period of time. She will start to grow restless, and pregnancy will usually be visible. A pregnant female will have visible white masses located inside the intersegmental membranes. Young Scorpions do not hatch from eggs, but rather are born live. They must stay with their mother until they molt once to keep from dying of thirst. Young are commonly seen riding on their mother's backs until this time. Most female Black Emperors feed the young by crushing crickets and feeding them to her young. Mothers have been known to eat their babies. Some hobbyists report that this behavior can be decreased if the mother is well fed, but this is not always the case.

Notes and Comments

Do not house different species of scorpions together!

All scorpions are venomous and sting; depending on the species, the sting can be mild (similar to a bee sting) to severe; although most people are not affected by emperor scorpions some humans may be allergic to scorpion venom.

Most scorpions are nocturnal.

Emperor scorpions have traditionally been kept in groups of three or more, as long as they are provided with enough food; but it is suggested to keep them in separate tanks, as some may become territorial and show aggressive tendencies.

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