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We might refer to it as a Yellow Canary but these small birds carry a variety of colors from a greyish to greenish-yellow with brownish streaking on the back. Through selective breeding. The well known typically YELLOW domestic canary goes back to the seventeenth century, more specifically 1670.

The wild canary also goes by other names such as the Atlantic Canary, Island Canary or Common Canary. The small finch was named for its native range: Spain’s Canary Islands the eastern Atlantic. Germany is considered the original breeding and training ground for canaries.

Generally speaking, the life expectancy of a canary is between ten to fifteen years, depending on its genetic make-up and, most importantly, the quality of its diet.

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Petware House

Some have argued that Canaries have been bred in captivity since the 15th century, other’s argue that it wasn’t till the late 17th century or early 18th century. We don’t have an accurate time point, but we do know some facts and they are introduced here. We understand that the Canary was imported to Europe by Spanish sailors and placed into breeding by Monks whom in turn sold only the male of the specie. They did this because the bird was in very high demand, for their attractive songs, and wanted to keep the females breeding.

For quite sometime only the Elite and rich could afford to purchase one of these birds. Eventually, the Italians obtained some of these birds for breeding and as their popularity increased, they were bred all over Europe.

Breeders eventually began selective breeding of many varieties of the Canary. This altered their song, appearance and various qualities to what we have today.

Petware House

If you have a Canary or thinking about getting one for a pet, you should know that the Canary loves to bathe and bathe often. Be sure to use a respectable sized, low bowl. The water should be about room temperature or cooler but never hot. Hot water will strip your bird of essential oils from the feathers, and may encourage itching and picking, rather than preening. Also note that the canary will require more time to bathe than most other birds.

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Petware House

You’ve taken some time to think about it and you’ve decided that you want a bird as a pet? Good choice! Here at Petware House, we have many birds to choose from. Before making a final decision its best to visit our showroom to see how all the birds interact and behave.

Take your time to think about which bird is right for you, are you thinking of a Society Finch, budgie or cockatoos? Don’t hesitate to research your bird of choice, here on website and learn more about our birds. Once you have considered it, there are questions to ask that will lead you to making th right decision. Of course, we are always here to be of assistance, so don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our show room.

Once you have understood all the particulars for the chosen bird – which can vary greatly between species, you will need to consider how serious a commitment they may be. For example, some species of Parrots live longer than humans. If you do choose to purchase a pet that can outlive a human, then you have to think about and make arrangements after you pass away. Also, some birds can become attached to humans which means that any changes can be very stressful for them, where as other species have shorter life-spans and are less likely to have to deal with this.

As with any pet, there is always a cost associated with ownership. The cost of vet bills, food and accessories can all add up. Obviously, the costs will vary between pets, but there will always be a cost involved. If this is a factor, you can always consider having a bird pet which falls comfortably into your budget.

With some birds, comes the potential for noise. You will have to take this into consideration if you live in an apartment or condominium. Ask property managements if there are any noise restrictions as birds can be quite noisy at times and finding out just how loud the are can help you narrow down your options.

Some birds require a high-level of maintenance and a lot of time spent with them, such as parrots. As a result, think about how much time you will have available. Some breeds require increased levels of interaction whilst some will be quite happy in a group with the right food, water and bedding.

To help you determine the best bird pet for you, ask yourself, how much interaction do you want? Do you just want to watch them or listen to them, if so, then this can determine the kind of bird for you, such as a canary. Of course, Parrots can learn to talk so there are different levels of interaction from both yourself and your pet bird.

There is no question that birds make for an amazing pet, but you have to take the welfare into consideration as well as the implications it will have on you as an individual or as a family because once you bring them into your home, they become a family member.

Petware House

Petware House

Its vital that you provide your Canary with an array of toys which can be swapped regularly. If you don’t you run the risk of allowing the canary to become bored which will lead to some forms of aggression and feather plucking, which is not pretty.

While we are on the subject of toys for your canary, keep in mind and avoid giving them sharp objects or toys with sharp edges or any other toy where they can become entangled. Avoid boredom, aggression and any potential of your Canary harming itself and you will have a great pet for many years to come.

Most people keep males and females in separate cages, except during breeding season. When buying pet canaries, great care must be taken to ensure the right mix of sexes in a cage. A mistake could lead to the birds attacking each other, even to the extent that one may kill another.

Canaries don’t generally appreciate the company of other canaries in the same cage. Other canaries are often seen as, not companions, but intruders. In many cases this may result in injury or even death as the less dominant canary will eventually die from a lack of sleep and food. The stress will eventually take it’s toll. A female and male stand a better chance of getting along, but eventually the more dominant of two will prevail.

If you currently have a canary and wish to add a second canary its best to keep them separate and apart for a few weeks, for both quarantine and to ensure the birds get accustom to each other. Gradually introduce the new bird and ensure that they don’t try to physically try to harm each other. When a male and female are introduced to each other over a period of time, they stand a much higher chance and get along reasonable well, but should not be kept together in this fashion all year round. They should have each have some privacy from mid-winter until the beginning of the mating season in early spring, at the very least.

Petware House

Canaries bred like clock work and when the season beings they show very little interest in anything else. As for behaviour, Canaries use the sun to show them when it’s time to nest. The house canary is at a disadvantage here as a result of artificial lighting. As a result, it’s important to keep your pet near a window where they will experience natural exposure to the sunlight.

Housing is extremely important for your budgie and to keep it healthy, happy and singing. Each of your Canaries should have it’s own cage or the result could be hazardous. Canaries typically don’t like to be housed together

Your Canary diet is of extreme importance. Birdseed is not enough to keep a canary in its prime so your pets diet should consist of pellets and even small pieces of fruit and vegetables.

Petware House

Just like most birds, lovebirds need to exercise and require the largest cage to you can afford. Lovebirds that are cooped up in a small cage and never given much moving room and exercise tend to become somewhat neurotic and develop self-mutilating habits. As a result, it’s important that if kept in captivity, to provide it with a lot of moving space.

A healthy cockatiel diet includes commercially balanced diets, such as Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Pellets, as well as other food, fresh vegetables and some seed. A well-cared-for cockatiel can live for more than 20 years.

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Lovebirds are susceptible to Chlamydiosis, self-mutilation as well as nutritional deficiencies related to an inadequate diet, especially if fed a mostly seed diet.

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All animals regardless of type, need and deserve our respect and will rely on our care. In the same fashion, the respect and care for your family, friends and your parents we need to do the same for our pets. Treating your pet with gentleness and kindness is the perfect way to show you that you care for it.

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Petware House is conveniently located at 7477 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is just moments north of West Cook Road and a few minutes drive from the I-69. While heading north on Lima Road, you will find us on the left hand side of Lima Road, next to DAVCO Auto. We have ample parking for our visitors, parking for seniors, handicap and expectant mom’s. Additional accessibility is available for handicap and for the delivery of large items into and out of our store location. Come into our new showroom for the largest selection of healthy pets, pet food, pet accessories and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect pet and solutions that work best for you.

Our store is conveniently open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM through to 8PM and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5 PM. If you have any questions regarding our store location, business hours or for general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.

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