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Petware House

Petware House

Petware House has one of the widest selection of pets than any other pet store, in Fort Wayne. We also offer one of the widest array of species than other store such as common and exotic wild life. Whether your looking for a puppy, kitten, rabbit or chinchilla, we have the perfect animal to fit your lifestyle and become a permanent, welcome addition to your family.

We are also pleased to offer many small animals such as birds, hamsters and source much of our wild life from reputable breeders, located right here in Fort Worth, Indiana, and supporting the local community whenever possible.

If you’re a reptile lover, you’ll be pleased to know that we carry one of the widest selection of reptiles in Fort Worth. As a matter of fact, we have such a broad selection that we often attract new and existing customers from neighbouring states. We have some of the most common species and species that you may have never seen before. Again, as with most our species, we do whatever it takes to support our local community and acquire locally, whenever possible.

Petware House is well known for its wide-variety and selection of both freshwater and saltwater fish, in many sizes, shapes and colors. We also have a great selection of freshwater plants, and invertebrates such as snail, lobsters and crayfish. Our saltwater section includes the best variety of beautiful marine fish, all types of invertebrates, as well as colorful soft and hard corals.

We have established many partnerships and contacts through the industry and if you can’t find what your looking for in our store. We can, with a very high degree of certainty, source the item for you.

We carry many products on our store shelves including medication, foods, toys, dog leashes, collars, and the list goes on. As a result, we have what you need to maintain the health and happiness of your pet. We carry and maintain the highest possible quality items while brining you the best possible pricing. We carry the best foods across the board, whether its for your dog, marine fish, hedgehog or reptile. We always have exactly what your pet needs.

First time getting a pet? We stock the largest variety of aquariums, terrariums, and cages than any store! We also have starter kits and specials for all types of pets to make starting out even easier!

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Petware House

Petware House is on the move. We have found a new facility, not far from our current store at 7777 Coldwater Road. Our new store is set to open in May and we will announce an exact date shortly. Our new address is 7477 Lima Road and just a short walk or drive from our current store. Don’t hesitate to visit our new store for a great collection of new pets, pet food, health remedies and accessories. We have something for everyone.

Petware House

Petware House

Petware House

Receive special offers and discount coupons, directly to your email box, type in the security code and submit your email address. Rest assured that Petware House will not share your email address with parties outside our company.

Petware House

Petware House is well known in the State of Indiana and throughout surrounding states for its extensive line up of Amphibians. If your just looking for a new Amphibian or are already an experienced pro, we have the right Amphibian here for you. Also, we have excellent dietary products for your amphibian in addition to some great accessories.

Amphibians in Fort Wayne

The Love Bird is a small, social and affecionate parrot. In total there are nine species of Love Birds and we have some of this georgous creatures, right here in showroom. In addition, we carry a good selection of bird feed and accessories.

Love Birds in Fort Wayne

Rather small, the Ball Python is a non-venous constrictor. They are also very popular in the pet trade are they are typically docile in temperament. Walk into Petware House and take home a new ball python today.

Ball Pythons in Fort Wayne

Native throughout Western and Southern Africa, the Ball Python, lives up to it’s name and will coil themselves into a tight ball if frightened or stressed.

Anole in Fort Wayne

Petware House

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Petware House

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Here at Petware House, we always have some great deals to take advantage of. Whether you serve our country as a military member, or if your retired, we have some great savings here with you in mind. Don’t hesitate to join our regular savings program by sending us a quick text message for immediate savings – its fast and easy!

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Petware House

Petware House | Pet Care Information

All animals regardless of type, need and deserve our respect and will rely on our care. In the same fashion, the respect and care for your family, friends and your parents we need to do the same for our pets. Treating your pet with gentleness and kindness is the perfect way to show you that you care for it.

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Petware House

Petware House is conveniently located at 7477 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is just moments north of West Cook Road and a few minutes drive from the I-69. While heading north on Lima Road, you will find us on the left hand side of Lima Road, next to DAVCO Auto. We have ample parking for our visitors, parking for seniors, handicap and expectant mom’s. Additional accessibility is available for handicap and for the delivery of large items into and out of our store location. Come into our new showroom for the largest selection of healthy pets, pet food, pet accessories and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find that perfect pet and solutions that work best for you.

Our store is conveniently open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM through to 8PM and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5 PM. If you have any questions regarding our store location, business hours or for general inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further assistance.